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Arkfire Direct Fired Heat Trace Unit

Current Glycol Heat Trace Systems use catalytic gas heaters (catadynes).

These systems have some issues;

  • Heaters burn a minimum amount of gas to maintain reaction – 1000’s of Btu/Hr (24x24 heater burns 8000-24000Btu/Hr NG)
  • Pump has to run continually due to low maximum heat output – heater system cannot heat-up fast, can only keep warm once it is warm
  • Pump either vents raw fuel, or functions slowly because heater only uses up fuel so fast
  • Catalytic heaters are an inefficient method of converting fuel to heat
  • Larger installations require multiple units to generate sufficient heat
  • Require vehicle access to light units – (booster cables)
  • Catalytic heaters cannot handle contaminated or wet fuel
  • Catalytic Pads are easily contaminated or damaged and expensive to replace

The Arkfire Direct Heat Glycol system is set-up as follows;

· Fuel gas is run through scrubber, total flood is only the thing that will shut it down

· Pressure is reduced separately for Pilot/Controls and Pump/Burner allowing for tuning system for any required flow pressure

· Pilot light burns minimal fuel at idle - 100’s of Btu/Hr not 1000’s

· Pilot Light is Spark Ignited - no battery cables required

· Burner/Pump is controlled by system return temperature

· All Pump exhaust is sent to Main Burner, no Venting

· Burner is a Tiger-Torch style burner which is unaffected by minor fuel contamination or liquids. If plugged off it can be easily cleared, no disassembly

· Open-flame Burner is placed in a flame arrested burner tube inside of a large outer shell allowing placement wherever a lineheater could be placed.

· Heat transfer is through a copper coil exchanger placed inside the burner tube , a very efficient heat transfer system

· Controls and Pump are placed within the outer shell to protect them from the elements and eliminate freeze-up

· Pump/Burner fires in a pulsing fashion due to pump stroking, as almost all high efficiency furnaces do

· Burner is capable of 0 - 150,000 Btu/Hr , capable of smallest to largest site needs

· Pump/Burner fires on demand only , will sit with only pilot if not needed, well suited for small applications without wasting fuel gas

· Burner is capable of fast heating for occasional demand or for cold starting systems or to be a portable heater for pre-plumbed but unheated sites

The ARKFIRE system through its efficiency is well suited for small requirement sites,

Through its design it is suited for very remote locations,

Through its capability it is suited for large requirement sites.

Pricing for the system makes it the affordable solution for any site.

The Arkfire units are priced under $7000 each. 

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